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Brunch Bunch
Sunday, January 29, 2023, 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM EST
Category: Luncheons


AUG 14
It’s the time and place to exchange ideas and catch up with current events.
Its where you can get Omelets and opinions, Grits and Gossip, Eggs and Ideas, Sausage and scuttlebutt.

 Government is that great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else. --Fredrick Bastiat 1850
Come hear Christian Zimm
Candidate for U.S. Congress 5th District Georgia



11:30 till......2:00  ? Except holiday weekends
Many show up after church around 12:30 so pop in when you can.

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Its the time and place to exchange ideas, catch up with current events, and see some new/old faces.
You can get Omelets and opinions, Grits and Gossip, Eggs and Ideas, Sausage and scuttlebutt.
Meet and just talk with like minded folk. Occasionally we have presentations / special guests.
11:30 till......2:00  ? Many show up after church around 12:30 so pop in when you can. 



Cross Creek Cafe
1221 Cross Creek Parkway
Atlanta, Ga.  30327

As always, if we have enough early responses, Sharon [email protected] may give us the back room again.
You can also call or text to 404-405-6572

Brunch Bunch is not affiliated with the Fulton County Republican Party

What is "Brunch Bunch"?
Years ago (about 2008) My brother and I began meeting for Sunday brunch with our families and and a few friends. We tried various places and some time in 2010 we chose Cross Creek Cafe as the spot.
It is quaint, good location, good food at reasonable prices and the manager, Sharon Vrahatis, has been a long time friend.
Since then we have invited friends and they have invited theirs so our list of "regulars" keeps growing. Our size and noise has earned us a place in the back room.
Although this is NOT a political event, politics often creeps into the conversations of family, work and life stories.


We have been visited by various politicians and candidates. It can be a wonderful forum , as one said, "to kick back and just talk without being in campaign mode."

So, to that end I want to keep this weekly event as a place in which folks can come and just eat and chat.
-Ashford Schwall