FCRP Core Principles

1. The Constitution is more than a document. It’s a foundation for a free society.
2. The government should not “provide” for us. It has nothing until it takes it away from citizens to give to others. It should assure and support an environment in which we can provide for ourselves. When the government "provides", it destroys incentives and leads to the eventual breakdown of our free economy. We should campaign for and support a rollback and eventual elimination of entitlements, and will publicize and resist regulations that are detrimental to a free market economy. 

3. Taxes should be as low as possible and should be spent as close to where they were raised as possible. The more layers of government our tax dollars go through, the less efficient they are. We should continually assess and make public where our taxes are raised and spent

4. We should enforce all laws. If we are unwilling to enforce a law, it isn’t really a law and should be repealed. As citizens, we must develop a list of such laws and press for their enforcement or repeal.
5. Government at all levels should be as small as possible and as accessible and transparent to the people as possible. We the people should facilitate this to the greatest degree possible.